Holiday Reads


I have just returned from Cape Verde which, if you’re interested, was quiet, boring, hot and exactly what I wanted! As part of this trip, and any holiday which involves around 86% horizontal time, I like to chain read books. Here are the things that kept me entertained throughout my week stay.

Before I Go To Sleep

Recommended a number of times by Kate Lavie, this is about a woman named Christine who has an accident and as a result, suffered severe memory loss to the point where every morning she wakes up, she’s forgotten everything about her life. She has a husband who tells her everything she can’t recall but it soon becomes clear that her husbands version of events may not be entirely truthful after Christine begins to keep a journal. DUN DUN DUN.

I have a confession though, I DID start reading this before holiday and during that time, I didn’t find it enthralling to the point where I couldn’t put it down, but once I got on hols, I raced through the second half and would defs recommend giving it a read.

Side note: I just wanted the trailer for the film and it looks TERRIFYING. The book was not scary, at all, or else I wouldn’t have read it. I’m not sure I’ll be able to complete my normal ritual of reading the book followed by watching the film and slating everything they got wrong or missed out, DAMN.

The Girl on the Train

If there’s something that I can’t resist, it’s a fad. Anything that other people are raving about, whether it’s a TV programme or some kind of magic foundation, I’m into it. The Girl On The Train seemed to be the book of 2015.

As the title would suggest, this is about a girl called Rachel who gets the train into London every day and, en route, sees a perfect couple in their garden, with their perfect house, loving life. Though on one seemingly boring commute, Rachel sees something that makes her realise it’s not as perfect as she made up in her head. There’s also an interlinking story with this couple living nearby to Tom, Rachel’s ex-husband who lives with his new partner, Anna, which gives another twist to the main story.

I would recommend this mainly because I like that there’s almost two stories which run parallel which makes it difficult to put it down, as there’s always something going on! I also like that it reiterates that other peoples lives aren’t always as they seem. It’s a bit of an extreme example, I admit, but I think we’re all guilty of thinking our peers, old schools friends, even complete strangers, have it all when actually, you don’t know what happens behind closed doors.

Though the fact that I live right next to a train track did give me the heebie jeebies slightly after reading this…


I did something wild on holiday and listened to a podcast when I fancied giving my eyeballs a rest. Raved about by Hannah Gale, is the Serial podcast.  Serial has 12 episodes, all between 30 minutes to an hour, about a murder case in Baltimore. Hae Min Lee goes missing in 1999, her ex boyfriend (Adnan) is arrested 6 weeks later and, whilst he continues to maintain his innocence, has been in prison ever since. The podcast examines all the past evidence, the court and police recordings and also interviews characters involved in the story. It’s narrated by Sarah Koenig who tells it in a really easy to listen way and not at all bogged down with legal / boring information.

My mind was constantly changing on whether Adnan was guilty or not with new pieces of evidence, new interviews and twists on the story being told each episode. It was one of those things that just consumed my brain and I couldn’t stop thinking about. Because of this, I would 100% suggest making sure you know someone that has listened or is listening to it, as you’re gonna want to discuss ALL of the conspiracy theories. I genuinely considered joining some kind of forum whilst on holiday, I kid you not.

Oh there’s also a website with all the document and evidence to trawl through, if you’re a complete obsessive, like me.

OH OH and there’s a series 2 coming out soon so HURRY!

I’m now reading Lena Dunham’s Not That Kind of Girl: A Young Woman Tells You What She’s Learned just to take the edge off all the murder, crime, thrills & spills. If I have any readers firstly HI and secondly, let me know if you’d like to see any posts about my other book recommendations :)


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