Getting to know you

Can we all just take a moment to realise that I *actually* stuck to my last resolution, to post every week for a month! I mean, no one really read them, but I’m okay with that as I sure did like sitting down on a Sunday to write about myself.

I know, I know – it’s been 4 months since, but it’s been Summer in the meantime (and a pretty darn good one at that) so I’ve kind of been enjoying that thing called the outside world rather than sitting at a computer.

Anyway, I was thinking that if you’re a stranger that stumbled upon my little corner of the internet  somehow rather than being a pity reader from Twitter (all 4 of them – hey you guys), then I realised you won’t really know anything about me or my interests, so I have compiled this fancy collage below to illustrate a few of the things I enjoy in life. If you don’t like at least one of these things, we probably can’t be friends.

Getting to know you1. I was always, ALWAYS a dog person having grown up with two cocker spaniels. That all changed on Christmas Day 2014 when I was thrust a cardboard box making strange noises followed by a little Albus jumping out. Albie is my 10 month old kitten / baby who I am obsessed with. It’s a shame the feeling isn’t mutual but what can I say, he’s one sassy, independent man about town. I’m basically that person who likes animals more than humans and will cross the road to cuddle / talk to a stranger dogs (just FYI, not all dog owners appreciate this).

2. Now this is a double whammy – this is my boyfriend & I at Magic Kingdom at Disneyword. Firstly, I like spending time with Seb (funny that) and also, I like to go on holiday or any trip away really!

3. Here comes the materialism! I like buying things, whether that’s another collared shirt, another lipstick, another losing scratch card or stationery for my job working in a paperless office… I basically specialise in things I don’t need. I also like green. We can also see my positivity journal which I keep with me to write in anytime I get a have a moment of gratitude. Sounds lame, but there’s nothing better than having a flick through this when you feel like the world is against you (maybe more on that in future!)

4. This is a bit of a new one – fitness. As you may have read in a previous post, I tried my hand at running which I actually really enjoyed. Through the winter months, it was harder to motivate myself because it was so darn dark & cold so I signed up to the gym. Fast forward 6 months and I’ve actually kept it up and discovered a love of spinning (and buying jazzy workout gear). I also ran 10k in August which is probably my biggest fitness achievement to date – GO ME.

5. Isn’t tea & cake one of EVERYONE’S favourite things?! Anyone else find it difficult to trust people that don’t drink hot drinks or is that just me? Like how do these people even stay awake in the mornings? What do they do when they’re feeling stressed, under the weather or cold? A glass of orange squash just doesn’t cut it for me in those situations. Anyway that’s a discussion for another time.

6. I have a season ticket for Norwich City football club which occupies my Saturdays every couple of weeks, I go with my dad, so it’s a lovely little bonding exercise for us, but also genuinely really enjoy football. I used to play also as a youngster but now I mostly enjoy watching and seeing the look on men’s faces when I kind of know what I’m on about.

Hopefully that gives you a bit of an insight to me & my life! I realise it’s nothing groundbreaking, but nice to meet you :)


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