Hobby 4: DIY Photo Frame

Unlike the majority of my crafty endeavours, this one actually went as planned, first time, with no strops. I’d give it a success rate of 95% (the 5% drop will become clear soon…).

I’ve always loved Instagram but I find due to the excessive filtering, if you print them out for a standard 6 x 4 photo frame, they turn out looking pixelated and poop, so I wanted a quirky way to display my pictures whilst maintaining the quality.  I headed over to trusty Pintrest for some inspiration from places like here to create the below:


And I’m not just saying this, but it was actually REALLY EASY to make.

My first port of call was the agonising process of choosing a select few prints before placing an order with Polargram. Polargram are a local company who print & post your selected Instagram pictures to you in a polaroid style fashion. And they sent sweets with your delivery for which me and my sweet tooth were very grateful for. The quality of the prints were excellent, delivery was speedy (and free I believe at the time) and exactly what I was looking for.


To make the frame, I used:

  • 1 x plain wood photo frame
  • 1 x paint tester
  • String
  • Pegs
  • Photos

I bought a plain wood (or probably wood substitute if such exists) from Poundland and a white wall paint tester from Homebase to decorate the frame after knocking the glass out of the frame. Obviously you could pick any paint colour, or just buy a frame in your colour of choice, but you get the idea.

Next I got my string and hooked it behind those prongs which hold the glass in place and pinned my photos up using some very cute mini pegs from Hobbycraft (they aren’t the exact ones used, but there’s lots to choose from! Anything mini & pastel coloured is a win in my books).

It really was that simple. The only part I failed at is not actually hanging it up anywhere, I just propped it against the wall of various rooms around the house. Now Albie uses it as a play toy. At least I have the photo graphic evidence to show it wasn’t a complete fail!


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