Hobby 1: Running

I’ll start with the hobby with the most longevity behind it, and that is running.

I feel like there’s SO many people (including me) that are guilty of claiming “I’m just not a runner”. Yes, some people may find it harder and that first run is, without a doubt, THE WORST OF YOUR LIFE, but if you have a working pair of legs, you can run! Even just for a couple of seconds. Look at it this way, at least 30 seconds running is more exercise than sitting on the sofa! You just need to build it up, keep at it and have patience. Don’t try and run before you can walk, literally. 

I wish I could take my own advice – I came back from my first 0.8 mile run around the block sweating profusely, red as a beetroot, feeling sick all with a sore throat (probably from swearing at Seb 99% of the way) adament I’d never go again. Apart from the latter, I still do all of these things but find the whole thing much more enjoyable!

As I’m sure you’ll soon gather from my other attempted hobbies, I have zero patience. If I’m not good at something immediately, I’ll be completely demotivated, hate my life and chuck all hobby-related paraphernalia in the bin. I’m not sure what it was about running, but I really wanted to get better.

My first tracked run was 20th August 2014 where I ran 1.35 miles which took me 13:26 minutes (roughly 10 minute miles). My PB for distance (lol, so profesh) is 7 miles which I did in 1:04:29 (9″11 minute miles) on 11th January 2015. It’s not even the distance but the time duration – running non-stop for 1 hour at a decent pace makes me really proud!

You’ll feel knackered after every run, whether it’s for 5 minutes or 5K, so using a running app to keep track and see your progress in cold, hard numbers is really motivational. I’ve used Runkeeper & Fitbit but they’re all very much the same. So when you’re feeling like you’ve plateaued, take a look through all your tracked runs and if you’re going regularly enough, you’re going to start doing longer distances or running a quicker pace, and that’s a promise. 

Getting deep here, but not only does running help with that ever present fitness / I want a bangin’ body aim, but I genuinely think it’s good for your mind.  Something about being in the fresh air with your own thoughts  really clears your head if you’re worrying, having a bad day, feeling restless, the list is endless! Do you ever have those Sundays where you’ve slobbed around the house and by about 7pm you’re deep in Sunday blues territory, feeling gross and unproductive? Going for a quick run makes you feel like you’ve achieved something with your day!

If you’re kind of into the idea, but not fully committed, go out there and buy some bright, ridiculous, crazy running gear which makes you happy to wear, and you’ll be flying!

Also reading “Running Like A Girl” is super inspirational – read it!



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