New Years resolutions (take 2).

So, I just remembered this little page existed (my bad). Looking back at my 2014 resolutions, I’d say I’ve done pretty good at sticking to my word (no fringe and I do currently have a book on the go….) however the one niggling item from the list is number 1: get a hobby.

Over the year, I feel like I’ve tried pretty damn hard to find a hobby, a project, something that I can be like “yep, that’s my thing” and after washing my brushes in white spirit and fumigating the house for what felt like the millionth time, I thought I would revisit the idea of a blog.

I spend so much time looking at a computer, iPad, iPhone, just all variations of blue light really, so I ideally wanted something to give my eyeballs a break, but here I am! I’m going to attempt to write something, once a week, for all of May and see how I get on (I think that’s achievable – let’s not get ahead of ourselves here).

But for now, here’s a photo of me cradling my cat Albie like a child…



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