New Years resolutions

I drafted this post on the 3rd January with full intentions of sticking to all New Years resolutions for the full year and I’m happy to say I’m currently looking at a good 50% pass rate! Not too shabby. I usually end up with a huge list that I promise myself I’ll keep, and end up forgetting most of them. This year, I’ve gone with a concise 5 (and at least they’re written down so I have no excuse of forgetting…!)

1. Get a hobby

The end of last year was crazy – moving into a new house in November, Christmas preparations, festive season… Now I’m back at work and well & truly bogged down by January blues, I need something to look forward to. It sounds sad, but moving to a new city (albeit only one hour away from home & home friends) means that I don’t really have any Norwich based friends apart from those I have at work, so I thought getting a hobby would be a good way to meet new people. The thought of it is pretty terrifying, but we’ll see how I get on!

2. Be more experimental in the hair & beauty department

Lets face it, my ‘look’ is very basic and I’ve pretty much had the same hairstyle for as long as I can remember (huge forehead = constant need for fringe). Reading blogs has inspired me to be a little more experimental in the way I look, I have started wearing eyeshadow more in the day (only brown, nothing too crazy, but still!) and hoping to make a few more alterations throughout the year. Think slightly bolder lipsticks, darker / lighter highlights, you won’t see me sporting fushia pink hair any time soon…

3.  Be more positive / worry less

Despite lots of inspirations quotes always popping up on my Pintrest feed, I think I’m just one of those people that has worrying ingrained into their being. I just can’t help myself. Sometimes when life is going swimmingly, I will find something to worry about, which is CRAZY! It’s just that unnecessary worrying that I”m going to try and cut out.

4. Read more 

Back in the day, I used to be a massive book worm, reading before bed, when I woke up, and every given opportunity in-between. However at uni, reading was replaced with working socialising and I’ve just never really got back into it so this year, I’m determined to re-kindle (ha, get it?) my love for books. I am currently reading “The Fault in Our Stars”.

5. Keep all new years resolutions 

Pretty self explanatory…


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