A little introduction.

I have been reading lifestyle & beauty blogs for the last year or so, and had often toyed with the idea of writing my own – despite having no idea what I would write about!

I have very recently moved into my first ‘grown-up house’, but in order to do this, I needed to pack. Under the deepest depths of my bed, I came across a box of old diaries from high school, although it did prolong the packaging process considerably, it was lovely (and hilarious) to re-live the excitement & devastation I experienced over the silliest of things!

So this is when I thought, I should probably start another diary again to document the next stage of my life (completely missed out uni – ah well!) for reading in my 30’s. I mean, I’ll probably be really interested to know what happened on my food shop on Monday 2nd December in years to come – right? Okay, I’ll try to keep my posts from becoming THAT mundane. 

My job also influenced this decision. I work at a digital marketing agency, meaning I have become submerged in all things digital. More and more of my clients are opting for the WordPress platform, so I thought the best way to learn all about it was create my own!

I have no idea what my posts will include, probably a mix of recent purchases, my favourite things, pretty pictures, marketing campaigns and a general low down of what I’ve been busying myself with. I also love a good rant so I’m sure I will post my fair share of those too


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